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Preparing for a Survey

Preparing your Vessel for a Marine Survey and Boat Inspection

Clients are encouraged to attend the boat inspection and take the opportunity to receive a private on-site consultation immediately afterward to ask questions. A marine survey can take several hours or longer, depending on the size of the vessel and the complexity of the systems. Proper advance planning and good communication will facilitate an effective marine survey and help prevent the need for additional visits.

To ensure an effective and comprehensive marine survey we strongly advise our clients to make arrangements to prepare the vessel by:

  • Making sure all of the vessel’s papers and maintenance records are available.
  • Making sure the vessel is clean and that AC/DC power is available.
  • Arranging reasonable access to all of the vessel’s systems.  This may require temporary removal of gear (sails, anchors, tools, inflatables, maintenance products, personal effects, etc.) stowed in lockers, lazarettes and compartments.  On some vessels access to the machinery spaces may be restricted by carpet or heavy furniture. These items should be moved prior to the marine survey allowing reasonable access.
  • SWL Consultants will not start or operate any machinery or equipment including propulsion engines, generators, stoves, heaters, etc while conducting the marine survey. The owner or owner’s representative will be expected to operate the vessel and all other machinery or equipment as requested.  This also includes delivering the vessel to and from the yard for haul-out and performing captain duties during a sea-trial if required.
  • The client is responsible for making the arrangements for yard services such as vessel haul-out, bottom washing, and blocking if required. Hull bottoms and underwater gear must be washed and cleaned of marine growth. Most marine yards require payment at the time of haul-out. We are familiar with many of the yards in the area and will gladly provide you with recommendations.

Once you retain SWL Consultants, we work only for you. Marine Surveys are confidential and no information will be released to anyone other than the client based on full payment.

  • In most cases, the written marine survey will be completed within two business days of the boat inspection. SWL Consultants will provide prompt service, a detailed inspection, plus a clear and understandable report with color photos of key areas related to the marine survey.

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